Family History

Hi everyone! Jessica here and I just wanted to share something that I bought last Fall and FINALLY finished! I purchased an “I Chart You” ready-to-print  modern genealogy chart which I have always wanted to put together a family tree for me and my husband’s parents, grandparents, great grandparents, etc.

IMG_6016I Chart You

I have seen many DIY family trees on Pinterest but I loved that the I Chart You prints were so subtle and there were so many colors to choose from plus I think they look cute framed or on a canvas.

I was able to get our grandparent’s names and  great grandparent’s names but only a few great great grandparent’s names since our parents didn’t have many records from that long ago. The nice thing about the I Chart You website is that when you purchase the print you can take your time researching your relatives and fill out the chart on your own time. For example I bought the chart last October and just now filled it out and was emailed my chart within 24 hours. Since there were many empty spaces in the great great grandparent’s spots, they suggested putting hearts in those spots which I thought was nice.

For the blogI loved all the color combinations they offered (31 combinations) and you can even choose your own colors if you want or purchase a gift card for someone. I bought the Terracotta & Blue print since we have some much of these colors in our house. I plan on purchasing more, one for both of my daughters to keep and put in their rooms.

SAGE___DUSTY_PEACH_C-01 MINT_MAUVE_C-01 neon_navy-01Red_Robin_Egg-01

Instead of printing the chart, I had my chart printed on a canvas which I love but I also think framing it would look nice, too.

blogHave a great Wednesday and thanks for stopping by!


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