My February “Make Something”

In February, I read a book, ran a half-marathon, and finished 100,000 words!  The last one was a sprint to the end, much more difficult than I ever thought possible.  And did you know that Microsoft Word stops tracking after 99,999 words?  At least mine did.  The numbers just disappeared from the bottom of the screen.  I was so bummed!  I felt like confetti should shower down on me and horns should start trumpeting when I reached that milestone.  Oh well…

Because I’m not as quilty and crafty as my sisters, I fulfilled my “make something” goal in the last few days of February by creating part of my mother’s birthday present.  I wrapped and mailed everything on the last day possible in order for it to get to Iowa by March 3rd and, somehow, the USPS got it there faster than promised!  Because mom was able to open her gift a day early, I now get to post about it!

I love words and making things fit onto a page, so I made her an 8″x10″ subway art style print for her quilt shop, Inspirations.  I think it turned out pretty dang cute!


Happy birthday, Mom!

– Anna

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1 Response to My February “Make Something”

  1. Happy Birthday, Nancy!


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