Iowa Vacation

We vacationed this week in Iowa. The weather was actually beautiful, a balmy 40 degrees during the days. It was a busy week playing with the 4 year old and under nieces and nephew…now we’re exhausted and need another vacation after our vacation! 😉

I haven’t been to see my mom’s quilt shop since last spring and it looked great as always!

And I found a project to use my fat quarters on! She had a book called Growing Up Modern by Allison Harris with lots of cute stuff, including a Scrappy Reader Pillow (a pillow with a pocket in the front for books). My sister made the sample pillow at the shop and I fell in love with it. We’ll see if I can make it before the end of January! One of my goals this year is to bake something and make something each month, so I’d better get started!


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4 Responses to Iowa Vacation

  1. Bake something and make something each month…godspeed to you, Anna! That’s a really fun goal! 🙂


  2. Funny I didn’t recognize the shop. Heading there first thing in the morning. Your mom is a doll and the shop is the best.


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