New Year’s Goals

I’m delaying taking down our holiday decorations.  They’re just so pretty and took me so long to put together.  It seems like I’ve hardly had them out long enough to enjoy them.  So the tree is staying lit and the decor is staying out at least until after New Year’s.  And, I mean, we received so many beautiful holiday cards, I can’t possible take my homemade card clothesline down anytime soon!  I feel so loved having these cards up.


Speaking of New Year’s, I’ve been taking some time today to work on goals for 2015.  Well, more like procrastinating on cleaning the house by reflecting on what I didn’t accomplish in 2014 and thinking about what I’d like to do in 2015.  Of course writing and reading is up there, along with running my first half-marathon (I ran nine miles last weekend, all in one session and at a fairly decent pace, which was HUGE for me!).  But there are other things I want to do, including figuring out what to do with all the cute fabric my mom sends me from her quilt shop, Inspirations.  I’m not the amazing quilter our mom and youngest sister Cassie are, but I’m determined to use this adorable Windham “Type” fabric in something so its cuteness can inspire me to write all the time:

IMG_1431So stay tuned–hopefully I’ll find a project that I can do easily that displays these fabrics well!  Another of my 2015 goals is to keep up with the blog more *cough cough* so I should be checking in much more often! Hope you have a great day and enjoy thinking about your own 2015!


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