Time to catch up!

I have been working on these three quilts for a while and I finally finished them!  All three on the same day and by the same day I mean I bound them all the same day.  The actual piecing took a couple of months and now I can finally move onto new projects and old ones that seem to get pushed aside.  A lot of my quilts are for display at our Mom’s quilt shop (http://www.inspirationsquilts.com/) and when the quilt kits are sold I get to keep these beauties!! Lucky me!!  I love sewing.  I love the adventure of a new pattern or using beautiful fabric!  If you haven’t checked out fabric these days you should!  There is so much out there and so many beautiful designs and colors.  Anyways back to these quilts.


In Nature quilt, Vintage quilt, and Garden Patch quilt


Garden Petals quilt. Finished size: 65-1/2″ x 92-1/2″

The first quilt I worked on is Garden Petals.  The pattern is designed by Riley Blake Designs and is free, awesome!  This quilt uses Lori Holt’s fabric line Flower Patch.  It’s adorable but everything Lori Holt creates is amazing!  This quilt is a twin size so it was huge for me since I’m used to lap or baby size quilts.  It’s a simple quilt but the fabric makes it so pretty.  The fabric has bumble bees, flowers, and even little flower-pot designs.


Garden Petals quilt

I pieced Vintage next. This quilt is also designed by an amazing company and lady.  Allison Harris designed Oh Clementine! for Windham Fabrics.  She also designed the Vintage pattern through her company Cluck Cluck Sew. I love the colors in this fabric collection, they really make this quilt stand out. I was hoping it would be snowing for the picture but it was just overcast and breezy.


Vintage quilt. I didn’t notice the little piggy while taking the picture…it was freezing that day! Finished size: 73″ x 73″

This is a great lap quilt that is pretty simple to piece together.  For some reason I can’t get the whole quarter-inch seam thing down so none of my work is perfect.  But I love sewing and it doesn’t bother me if I’m off a little bit here and there because the final result is always beautiful. Even if it’s a little crooked:)

The last quilt I recently completed took one day.  It’s another Riley Blake Designs free pattern.  The fabric line is Good Natured designed by Marin Sutton.  This fabric collection has fox, birch trees, and other forest animal designs on them.  They are adorable and the colors are so sweet!  I love learning new techniques but it’s always nice to whip up sweet little quilts like this one.


In Nature quilt. Finished size: 49-1/2″ x 59-1/2″


In Nature quilt

Thank you for stopping by and if you’re in love with one of these quilts you can order a quilt kit at my Etsy shop https://www.etsy.com/shop/SewStitchingHappy?ref=pr_shop_more. Sorry I don’t sell my quilts, I love them too much!


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