DIY Tree Skirt

For four years, I went without decorating our house for the holidays.  I was suffering from that funk of “we don’t have kids, no one’s coming over, what does it matter.”  We even have two holidays to decorate for in our house–Hanukkah and Christmas–and I just let it all slip by me.

At some point mid-December last year, I decided I had to break out of that mindset.  We bought a tree and decorations.  Setting things up felt good.  Of course it was last minute so not everything was as pretty as I would have wanted it, but we did it.

This year, thanks to the inspiration of my sisters and our blog, I took on a lot more crafty projects.  I glittered big letters and small plastic animals (just a lot of glue and glitter…all while I’m home alone so no one’s there to see what a mess I make):









And I made a tree skirt!  I hate how expensive and ugly a lot of those things are in the stores.  I found these directions on Pinterest for a DIY felt poinsettia tree skirt and actually made my own!  It took some time, but it ended up being fabulous and less than $10.

Since it’s difficult to find felt around here and I didn’t need the high quality stuff for this project, I just bought two of these 2 yard bundles at Michael’s (with coupons, of course):unnamed

From the felt, I cut as big of a circle as I could (sorry, I have no pics!) and then cut a little circle out of the middle for where the tree goes.  I accidentally cut this hole a little too big for what I wanted, but you’ll see how I fixed that later.  I cut a line on one half of the now doughnut-looking circle from the inner circle to the outer edge, for placement around the tree.

Then I started cutting the poinsettia leaves from my scrap felt.  I made my own lopsided template and didn’t worry too much about cutting, just wanting the template to get a fairly consistent size for the leaves.  Not anywhere near perfect, but it doesn’t matter!  The scissors below are standard-sized, so you can see about how big my leaves were (a little longer than my index finger).


Then I went hot glue crazy!  I glued six leaves together to form an individual poinsettia “flower” and did this over and over until I had a bunch.  Then, starting from the back of the tree skirt, I glued the flowers around the edges, overlapping the leaves to really fill the space.  In the picture below you can see the seam for the back of the tree on the left side of the tree skirt.  Although the directions I found called for two rows of poinsettias, one row was definitely enough for me!  For one, it was a lot of cutting, but mainly I already just loved how it turned out!  I also “fixed” my too-big middle circle by gluing poinsettias around that hole as well.


I think my cheap-o tree skirt looks pretty awesome!


Happy holidays!


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6 Responses to DIY Tree Skirt

  1. Unsmileys says:

    Nice 😀 Happy holidays too
    Looks shiny & cool

    Hi 🙂
    Please check out my blog & if you want 🙂 Thank you so much.It means a lot. And you have a really nice blog 🙂 Best wishes
    Happy blogging 🙂


  2. I love how Christmas-y your house looks, Anna! And the tree skirt looks great!


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