DIY Wreath

So I bought a wreath from Target that was on sale and so so so cute.  Then I hung it on our oversized front door and immediately took the tiny thing down.  “I could make my own” I thought and, drumroll…I DID!  Because I re-used some old decorations I had at home, it cost me less than $10.

Of course, I forgot to take a picture of all my supplies before I started (I’ll get this blogging thing down soon!).  But in addition to a cheap grapevine wreath, four of those medium-sized floral twigs with holiday berries/balls on them (I have no idea what you call them), and a letter D for our last name, here were my tools:


That’s it!  I got the patterned burlap at Michael’s (in the back of the store with the fabrics) and already had the jute and wire.

I strung the four floral twigs into the grapevine wreath, overlapping a bit and not worrying about the space where I planned to place the bow.  You can always add more, four was just all I had on hand.  Instead of actually tying the bow, I followed these directions I found on Pinterest and it turned out awesome!  The bow took a few tries, of course.  To secure everything, including the letter D, I just glued, glued, glued!  We don’t have much weather here in Arizona, so I didn’t have to worry about winter winds whipping it around or anything like that.  If it was going to be outside in bad weather I might have secured the bow and letter with some wire.

I think it turned out pretty good if I do say so myself!



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