Mmmmm, doughnuts!


IMG_5812Happy Saturday! It is pretty chilly and windy here….even for November! Since it still is pumpkin season and I love pretty much anything pumpkin, I decided to make some baked pumpkin doughnuts that I have had my eye on Pinterest for some time now. Also, I FINALLY bought a doughnut pan and plan on buying another so that I don’t to wait for the six doughnuts to get done baking before I put another batch in the oven.IMG_5806

Here is the recipe I used, it’s pretty simple and I love that you roll them a cinnamon & sugar mixture while they are still warm. Is it a bad thing that I love cinnamon & sugar so much that I use it on a daily basis for things? Nope? Didn’t think so! 🙂

IMG_5808I was thinking of putting a powder sugar drizzle on these but I haven’t done it yet since they are amazing just the way they are!

Thanks for stopping by!


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