I’m going to be THAT sister

So my two sisters are decorating and crafting goddesses. Seriously. And I’m over here trying to get a gift together for my nephew’s birthday in a couple weeks, thinking I’m so on top of it by just remembering the birthday more than a few days early, and Jessica’s already finished all her holiday shopping AND blogging about it. Ugh 😉

So I’m going to be THAT sister, the one who writes blog posts about books she’s read or trips she’s taken, not about all the cute stuff she’s made or baked or discovered. And I think I’m ok with that. But if I do get time to bake something, you KNOW I’m going to be posting it on here!

So what have I been up to? Well, here’s the giant salad I got last night at the Cheesecake Factory. Seriously, has anyone been to the Cheesecake Factory lately?!? I haven’t gone there in years and I was shocked. The portions are huge! The size of my salad was so shocking we took a picture just to prove the massiveness of this $14 meal (a meal I barely made a dent in and my husband took to work the next day). The picture really doesn’t do it justice.

Thrilling blog post, I know 😉


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